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How Our Dedicated Well-Being Services Team Adds a Human Element to Well-Being

Our Dedicated Well-Being Services (DWS) team is the “secret sauce” that makes well-being programs come alive. Whether onsite or remote, DWS team members act as the face of your well-being program and add a human touch to every interaction, helping participants start and maintain healthy behaviors. Read on to learn how this personal touch can give your well-being program a boost.

There’s no disputing it—changing health behaviors is hard. It helps to have someone in your court to cheer you on and celebrate important milestones. That’s exactly what our Dedicated Well-being Services team members deliver to participants each day.

Our DWS team also serves as your boots-on-the-ground, day-to-day resource to increase program awareness and engagement with the well-being program, provide thought leadership, support programming, and foster a true culture of well-being.

But the best part about having our dedicated team’s support? We can customize our services to the specific needs of your organization. So whether you just need face-to-face health coaching, or require more administrative support, we can provide the right mix of services to help your well-being program thrive.

What does our DWS team help with?

  • Administering and managing well-being program incentives
  • Creating, publicizing and launching custom Wellness Challenges for your population
  • Gaining and sustaining leadership support and engagement
  • Hosting well-being lunch & learns
  • Measuring program success
  • Assisting with Health Assessment completion, planning and managing biometric screening events
  • Recruiting Wellness Champions and building a Well-Being Champion Network
  • Running health fairs
  • Spreading program awareness through communication
  • Teaching virtual and onsite fitness and cooking classes

Get to know our DWS team members.

DWS team members serve in a variety of roles. Depending on your organization, you may have individuals working in these capacities:

  • Well-Being Health Coach: 1:1 and group health coaching. Sessions are face-to-face, by phone, video and/or the Coach Connect app.
  • Well-Being Program Manager: Point of contact for all things related to health and well-being which includes program management support and platform configuration initiatives.
  • Well-Being Program Coordinator: This dual role includes both health coaching and well-being program management.

Our DWS staff members have impressive qualifications. Combined, they have over 40 years of dedicated well-being experience, an average of eight years tenure, 50+ master’s degrees, and over 250+ industry certifications! All DWS team members are also trained and certified in Mental Health First Aid.

Does having DWS in your organization work? Yes!

The results of using our Dedicated Well-Being Services speak for themselves. Of clients who use DWS:

  • 98% report increased awareness in their well-being program;
  • 98% report improvement in well-being culture; and
  • 100% report increased participation in their well-being program.1

DWS teams also boost engagement with a critical component of the well-being program—the Health Assessment. This is typically one of the first points of engagement participants have with the well-being platform, so it’s critical to get as many Health Assessment completions as possible. Clients who have a member of our DWS leading their Wellness Champion Network see an 84% Health Assessment completion rate, compared to just 55% for clients without this type of support.  Our clients who have Dedicated Well-being Services have shown a 30% higher engagement rate overall in their well-being program than clients who do not have these services.

Well-being is personal. That means we meet participants wherever they are in their well-being journey and help them achieve their unique well-being goals. When you have DWS team members onsite, well-being becomes personal on another level, giving participants that human connection, helping them stay motivated, and increasing their ability to make long-lasting changes in their health.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Dedicated Well-Being Services team can help your well-being program succeed and provide genuine, tangible impacts to employees, contact us at connect@webmd.net.

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