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The HR Scoop Podcast: Our Top Listens of Seasons 1-5

We’ve had a blast on the HR Scoop catching up with HR professionals from all types of organizations about the ever-evolving landscape of HR, benefits, and employee well-being. Didn’t get a chance to listen? Check out this list of our best podcasts of Seasons 1-5. And be sure to subscribe to the HR Scoop today so you don’t miss a thing in 2023.

Top 5 Employee Benefits Podcasts

1. The International Benefits Dance

On this global episode of the HR Scoop, Andrea is joined by Keegan Kerr. Learn about the challenges of balancing benefit expectations for U.S. and international employees, the pros and cons of online vs. in-person meetings, and discover which two baseball parks Keegan hasn’t visited. If you’ve ever been interested in working for an international company, you won’t want to miss this episode.

2. From the Family Medical Leave Act to the Pandemic: The Benefits Evolution with Aon 

Carol Sladek, Partner at Aon and founder of the firm’s Work-Life consulting division, joins Andrea to discuss the evolution of employee benefits and well-being programs, and wellness trends during the pandemic. She also shares a touching perspective learned through a challenging time in her life.

3. Making Home Your Office with Centerfield Media

Gena Romano, VP of HR for Centerfield Media, joins the HR Scoop to discuss the future of work culture and adapting to the individual work-from-home (WFH) needs of remote employees. Learn more about their robust WFH packages and “pasta speed dating.”

 4. 3 P’s of Benefits with Zapproved: Paid Parental Leave, PTO, and People

This episode of the HR Scoop features Susy Dunn, Chief People Officer at Zapproved. She joins Andrea for an honest discussion about paid parental leave, the pros and cons of unlimited time off, and what the “new” office looks like.

5. 2022 Benefit Trends, Predictions, and Insights

If you just can’t get enough of 2022, add this podcast to your end-of-year playlist. In it you’ll hear from a roundtable of past guests sharing their 2022 HR predictions – and you can decide whether or not they were right! From flexible benefit packages to rebuilding in-office culture to the “cash comp” war to something about boiling a frog(?!), tune in to this extra cheery episode of the HR Scoop.
*No frogs were harmed in the making of this podcast.

Top 5 Employee Engagement & Retention Podcasts

1. The Career Lifeline: The Internal Development Pipeline

The HR Scoop welcomed Cheryl Kish, Chief People Officer of HOA Brands (Hooters), for a candid conversation about their internal career development programs. From the cultural benefits to employee retention, this episode features all the advice you’ll ever need to improve your own organization’s career development opportunities. And you won’t want to miss hearing about Cheryl’s own inspiring journey.

2. Closing the Gap Between Peers and People

This episode of the HR Scoop features Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative, a peer coaching provider. Andrea and Aaron start by defining the “purpose economy” before doing a deep dive into how peer coaching humanizes colleagues and creates meaningful relationships. Lastly, learn why Aaron is forever linked to the sport of baseball.

3. Reinventing the Office Space

Have you ever felt like your office design creates a feeling of judgement? How much is the right amount of biophilia? Where does the pool table or the kombucha tap fit into office culture going forward? Put on your interior designer hat and have all your questions answered about the future of the office with Doug Shapiro, the VP of Research and Insights at OFS, and host of his own podcast called Imagine a Place.

4. Turning the Office into a School with Anja Taylor, Director of People Operations, Kinesis

Fresh off a New York Times feature story, Anja Taylor, Director of People Operations at Kinesis, stops by the HR Scoop to discuss the process of turning their office into a school, how her small company builds community by adopting the practices of large communities, and why mental health days should be welcomed by organizations.

5. Personal Brand as An Employee Perk: Part 1 & Part 2

In Part 1 of this inspiring episode of the HR Scoop, Andrea welcomes Kylie Rowe, CEO of Kylie Rowe Co. and champion for listening. They discuss whether a great corporate culture starts from the top or the bottom, the most important trait of leadership, and the hot topic of personal brands. In Part 2, they answer the question of whether or not personal brands are constructive for the workplace, the employee as the company ambassador, and advice to grow your own personal brand.

Top 5 Employee Well-being Podcasts

1. Mental Health and the Employee Experience

In recognition of Mental Health Month, this very special episode of the HR Scoop features author and TEDx speaker, Ashley Johnson. Ashley kindly shares her personal journey as an employee struggling with mental health. Whether you’re an HR professional, an employee with or without mental health issues, or a manager of people, this episode has takeaways for everyone involved in this journey.

2. Exploring Retail and Remote Work Wellness With L.L.Bean

Rick Fortier, Senior Wellness Coordinator for L.L.Bean, joins Andrea to discuss taking a “people matter” approach to wellness, overcoming the well-being challenges faced by retail workers during the pandemic, and the lessons they learned to evolve their well-being program for all employees going forward.

3. Humanizing Well-Being, Part 1 & Part 2

In Part 1 of this energetic 2-part episode with Mitch Martens, Senior Wellness Manager at Northern Arizona Healthcare, Andrea and Mitch discuss prioritizing well-being for wellness professionals, the issues with asking what people “need,” and a generous move by their leadership to address financial concerns. In Part 2, they talk about the results of the organization’s employee pandemic survey, building a wellness program of trust, and how a personal situation led to a lifetime of helping people.

4. The Caregiving Episode

Jessica Kim, CEO of IANACare (I Am Not Alone), joins Andrea on this thoughtful episode of the HR Scoop to talk about one of the hottest topics in the HR Benefits space­: caregiving. You’ll learn about the myths and truths of caregiving, while hearing touching examples of caregiving stories. Plus, find out why texting “no need to reply” might be the most supportive thing you can do for a caretaker in your life.

5. More Money, More Stress: Defining Financial Wellness

Ever wonder what financial wellness really means, how it came about, or who it impacts the most? On this episode of the HR Scoop, Andrea sits down with Sabina Bhatia, the Chief Customer Officer at Payactiv and they discuss everything from conscious capitalism to skydiving.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

And there you have it – our most listened to podcasts from our first five seasons. We look forward to connecting with more smart, engaging HR professionals in the new year. Join us!

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