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WebMD Health Services: In the News

WebMD Health Services is making news! In the past couple of months we’ve been featured in key publications like USA Today and HR Tech Outlook, and recognized by Women Leaders of Healthcare, Mogul, and ICMI. Missed the articles? Catch up here and learn more about what WebMD Health Services is doing to empower well-being in everyone.

USA TODAY: The Keys to Establishing a Corporate Culture of Caring

In September, we were honored to be a part of USA Today’s Employee Well-Being Campaign. Christine Muldoon, our Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, participated in a panel discussion alongside a number of industry experts.

Here’s what Christine had to say about:

The linkage between corporate culture and employee well-being…

“Our philosophy is that your well-being program must be an extension of your culture. As it evolves, so too, should your well-being program. There are many factors that influence workplace culture and create a culture of well-being:

  • Empathy and compassion: this is an essential skill for understanding the needs of others.
  • Leading by example: encourage leadership and managers to role-model healthy behaviors and boundaries. When leadership is actively engaged in well-being, engagement is higher.
  • Promoting a culture of well-being: a wellness champion network can be your boots on the ground, effectively communicating your program and providing valuable encouragement and support.
  • Embracing a culture of authenticity and openness for employees to feel a sense of belonging and to feel safe to bring their whole selves to work.”

What employers can do to prevent burnout and increase retention…

“Employee stress is on the rise, and today’s workforce is expecting more support. The great news is employers are taking steps to strengthen their company culture, build a greater sense of belonging, and foster meaningful connections in the form of team-based activities, group coaching, and dedicated wellness champions to help rebuild a sense of community. Employers are evolving company policies and benefits to support employees’ personal needs by giving them more flexibility in when, where, and how they work. This added support provides more opportunity for work-life balance and personal well-being. Employers are also focusing on training managers to be empathetic leaders, to better interact with employees, and to recognize signs of burnout before it results in turnover.”

How to empower employees in a hybrid work model…

 “HR leaders are testing new ways to bring the human element back to work even as early as onboarding. Check out social media and you will see new employees showcasing welcome gifts they received from their new employer. Some — like WebMD — have implemented peer coaching for social learning and development to create peer connections. Others have reimagined everything from live work events to virtual water cooler chats, Slack channels, and Zoom-based happy hours. Wellness challenges are another strategy to bring your hybrid workforce together in a healthy, fun, and competitive activity.

We’re all going to have to test different solutions before we find what works best for empowering our own employees, whether they’re working from home, in-person, or finding some combination of the two.”

Read more here.

HR TECH OUTLOOK: WebMD Health Services: Happier Employees through Holistic Well-being

WebMD Health Services was recently featured in HR Tech Outlook. In the article we shared how employee well-being programs have evolved from focusing on a few aspects of employee health – like weight management, nutrition, stress – to more holistic offerings that address mental and emotional well-being and social connections. Here are the highlights:

How we’re adapting the WebMD Health Services platform to address the unique health and well-being challenges brought on by the pandemic…

“It changed the nature of work for a vast number of the population, resulting in an increase in risk prevalence for sleep, stress, emotional health, and depression. Recognizing these needs, [we] launched Community and Group Coaching to connect people with one another. [We] also integrated mental health podcasts and other media on the platform to help people manage their mental health and stress-related challenges. [We] recently launched manager-specific mental health training podcasts…to help managers have candid and supportive conversations with employees about mental health.”

Creating customized wellness plans for the needs of every employee…

“When it comes to wellness, every individual’s well-being journey varies dramatically from another. WebMD [has the] ability to drive deeper connections through segmentation and personalization inside the WebMD ONE platform. [It starts with] a health assessment that paints a comprehensive picture of where that person is positioned compared to others of the same age and demographic level…and highlights health risks [to deliver] content, tools, tips, and support to facilitate that person’s wellness journey.”

How we help clients tailor programs to address employees’ immediate well-being needs…

“An employer launched a pulse survey to determine their employees’ most critical needs during the [pandemic] lockdowns. The answer ‘self-care’ was an overwhelming need. The client then collaborated with WebMD Health Services, formulated a self-care strategy, and dedicated an entire week to helping employees with their self-care challenges.”

Read more here.

WOMEN WE ADMIRE: Top 50 Women Leaders in Healthcare of 2022

Women We Admire recently announced its Top 50 Women Leaders in Healthcare of 2022. And we’re proud to say that our own Christine Muldoon was one of them!

Women We Admire provides news and information on today’s women leaders in business, entertainment, sports, motherhood, medicine, law, and many other fields. Awardees of the Top 50 Women Leaders in Healthcare demonstrate a deep commitment to their field and to significantly changing our communities and the world around us. According to Women We Admire,

“Their work provides hope and healing across various areas including health services, medical devices, biotechnologies, health insurance & coverage, and more. Together, their focus is on improving health care quality and ensuring all individuals get the services they need.”

Congratulations, Christine!

See the full list of Women Leaders in Healthcare here.

MOGUL: Top 100 Leaders in DEIB

Mogul, a diversity recruitment company, named its top 100 leaders in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. The list included Andrea Herron, WebMD Health Services’ Head of People, HRBP/Strategic Operations. According to Mogul, “organizations and leaders have listened to their employees and customers to develop progressive initiatives to introduce fair workplace practices. This list celebrates those leaders.”

Congratulations to Andrea on this recognition and for all she does to ensure that WebMD Health Services is a place where our employees can feel comfortable being their authentic selves.

See the full list of top DEIB leaders here.

ICMI: Global Contact Center Awards Program

Once again, our WebMD Health Services contact center is receiving accolades from ICMI, an organization focused on helping contact centers improve the customer experience and increase business results. They recently named their 2022 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Winners and WebMD Health Services was recognized for:

  • Best Contact Center Agent: Gloria Felts
  • Best Contact Center Manager: Sarah Koop
  • Best Medium Contact Center Runner-Up

The ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Program is the most comprehensive awards program dedicated to the customer management industry. Each year, ICMI recognizes the companies, contact centers and individuals that provide a platform for leadership, vision innovation, and strategic accomplishments.

Kudos to these individuals and our entire call center for their superior service!

See the full list of awardees here.




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