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WebMD ONE: Expanding Well-Being Support for Global Populations

WebMD Health Services is on a mission to empower well-being in everyone – in every corner of the world. While we’ve supported global populations for years, our most recent expansion gives employees in 190 countries access to the full capabilities of the WebMD ONE platform. If you have a global footprint you’ll want to learn about these new changes which can help everyone in your organization – regardless of where they work – reach their well-being goals.

Well-being is a challenge for people around the globe.

Those of us in the well-being industry are all too familiar with the statistics around declining U.S. employee mental health, increasing stress and burnout, and lack of employee engagement. Studies show that global populations are experiencing similar declines in employee well-being. In a survey by Gallup, 55% of global respondents reported “struggling,” and over 40% said they experienced significant feelings of “stress” and “worry” in the preceding day.1

So, while the need for more well-being support for global employee populations is clear, the challenge has been how to deliver a well-being solution that is fully translated, country-specific, and culturally relevant. We’re pleased to share that WebMD Health Services can now provide that type of support via the WebMD ONE platform.

What is WebMD ONE?

Through a single point-of-access, WebMD ONE offers products and services created from the perspective of the people using them, including plans to create daily habits, participate in personal and team-based wellness challenges, and engage with a system of rewards and incentives to celebrate successes.

Users have the power to connect and interact through a variety of channels – text, email, mobile or desktop – and can incorporate data from popular apps and wearables that they may already be using to improve and personalize their experience.

How does WebMD ONE support a global population?

WebMD ONE is now able to support employees in 190 countries across Europe, the Far East, and Latin America with the following features:

  • An expanded range of languages. While we’ve always offered WebMD Health Services content in multiple languages, this most recent expansion includes human translated versions in Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Slovakian, and more—bringing our total range to more than 20 different languages.
  • Easy segmentation and cultural relevance. The WebMD ONE platform is highly configurable, providing the most powerful segmentation capabilities in the market today. This ensures that programs are culturally relevant and reflect any nuances your organization may have within each country and in the types of benefits offered.
  • Compliance with GDPR. WebMD ONE has been built to enable compliance with GDPR, which is widely considered to be the ‘gold’ standard with regard to data privacy laws.
  • Global wellness challenges. With all employees on the same well-being platform you can now offer wellness challenges that bring everyone together in the pursuit of good health, create connections across time zones and cultures, and positively impact employee engagement.
  • Well-being program administration. Different countries have vastly different health systems, requiring unique and customized benefits packages. But with WebMD ONE’s global capability you’ll no longer need to select a well-being solution for each country or region, making administration much easier.
  • Global WebMD offices that offer clients a local presence and boots-on-the-ground support.

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Our mission to empower well-being in everyone just got a little easier.

Inspiring well-being in everyone includes educating, motivating, and engaging all employees in an organization. We’re excited that the expansion of WebMD ONE allows us to better support organizations with employees around the world. If you would like to learn more about how you can empower your people with culturally relevant solutions that can help them improve their well-being in in meaningful ways that matter to them, please visit our website or contact us at connect@webmd.net.

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