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Wellness Tips to Help Employees Stay Energetic and Focused

In this week’s blog, we share tips for how employers can embed well-being into their workplaces to ensure employees are engaged, healthy, and productive.

The benefits of having a workplace well-being program are well-documented. Improved employee engagement, greater productivity, lower healthcare costs, better retention, and generally happier employees top the list. In fact, a recent survey by Aon found that improving employee well-being can boost company performance by 11% to 55%.1 There’s also data that shows the costs of not focusing on employee well-being, namely the $322 billion every year in lost productivity due to burnout.2

Statistics like these, combined with research that shows employees now expect employers to be involved in multiple aspects of their well-being, means a robust well-being program should be at the top of the priority list. If you are looking to incorporate more ways to support your employees, you’ll find some great workplace well-being tips here.

19 Wellness Tips for Employees

If you have a workplace well-being program, you may already have access to a whole toolbox of solutions you can tap into to help employees. Here are some ideas…

  1. Get outside during the work day. Just 10 minutes of fresh air and sunlight can do wonders for our energy and mood.
  2. Move closer to the light. While not every employee can sit by a window, there are likely spaces in the office – like common areas – where employees could bring their laptop and work for a few hours to get more light exposure. If all else fails, invest in some light therapy boxes that mimic outdoor light.
  3. Lean into flexible hours. Many workplaces have become much more open to flexibility, so if starting later improves people’s moods, allow it! A shortened or compressed workweek may also give employees the chance to get more outdoor recreation on their off days.
  4. Host a wellness challenge. Wellness challenges offer double the benefits: they get employees moving and boost social connections in the workplace. We’ve got some great workplace wellness challenge ideas that work in any weather.
  5. Plan workplace events. Organize some fun activities like restorative yoga classes, healthy cooking demonstrations or contests, or awards for the best “hygge” workspace.3
  6. Focus on good sleep hygiene. Offer employees tips for a wind-down routine, optimal sleeping temperature, and when to nix the screens. Many well-being programs have a sleep program you can promote.
  7. Spotlight wellness in your corporate communications. Include relevant and timely content in your newsletters and town halls. Give managers employee wellness tips they can include at the start of team meetings.
  8. Remind employees about the EAP’s services. Most EAPs offer a number of free counseling sessions that can help employees, depending on their unique needs.
  9. Encourage exercise. Let employees know it’s OK to weave in exercise throughout the work day. Lunchtime workouts, walking meetings, and quick stretch or jumping jack breaks can boost energy.
  10. Help with nutrition. Health coaches, weight management programs, and digital tools all provide nutritional support based on an individual’s needs and interests.
  11. Promote mindfulness and meditation. Give employees access to apps or host a group mindfulness webinar or in-person event.
  12. Enlist the help of health coaches. If your well-being program includes access to health coaches, program coordinators or program managers, ask them to deliver a webinar or lunch-and-learn on a specific topic. This is also a good time to promote the 1:1 support health coaching provides.
  13. Foster social connections. Set aside time for intentional connection with coworkers via virtual water cooler chats, BINGO, or trivia games.
  14. Rethink the afternoon coffee break. While caffeine can help counteract the sleepiness we sometimes feel, too much can disrupt sleep patterns. Make sure the break room offers herbal tea and energizing snacks to get past that mid-afternoon slump.
  15. Offer financial coaching. Sessions could be in-person, over the phone, or via video with a financial professional. If you have a 401(k) program, ask if they have a resource for these kinds of sessions.
  16. Examine leadership culture. Urge leaders to examine workplace practices that might be contributing to poor employee well-being – examples include the expectation to be always “on,” lack of support for taking time off, and not getting to know employees on a more personal level. 
  17. Volunteer together. Plan an event that gives the team a chance to bond while doing good. Organize activities that match your company’s mission or sustainability goals or find a local organization you can develop an ongoing relationship with.
  18. Carve out time during meetings to connect. Urge managers to spend time getting to know the non-work side of team members. Devote the first five minutes of group meetings to a quick catch-up.
  19. Got extra budget? Embrace each season with creature comforts. For example, in the winter, send employees a “welcome winter” kit with a special mug, tea, cozy throw, or woolly socks.

As you seek to create a culture of well-being in your workplace, giving employees support for wellness is just one more way you can help. Visit our website or contact us at connect@webmd.net to learn more.

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