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Health Coaching

WebMD Health Coaches provide the ongoing support people need to learn healthy habits, manage chronic conditions, and achieve well-being goals. With training and certifications in specific fields—such as nutrition, diabetes management or tobacco cessation—Health Coaches are matched with participants based on their individual needs.

Coaching is available in person, over the phone, through text, via Coach Connect online messaging, and as a group session, allowing participants to interact with WebMD Health Coaches in times and places that are most convenient for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well-being is personal, so the avenues each person chooses to take to work on their well-being will be personal, too. We recommend providing a few different coaching solutions so employees are empowered to pick the option that works best for their situation. Some of the most popular health coaching avenues we offer include telephonic one-on-one health coaching, in-person health coaching through our Dedicated Well-Being Services team, and Group Coaching by WebMD.

There are several ways people can benefit from participating in a Group Coaching class. For example, there may be times when someone isn’t completely ready to make a change or form a new habit, but they’re still interested in learning more about the topic and how it can impact their health. In these instances, Group Coaching acts as a low-risk way of discovering new well-being insights. Other times, people may be uncomfortable discussing issues with a WebMD Health Coach in a one-on-one situation. In Group Coaching, they’ll be surrounded by other people who are interested in learning about the same topic, so they may feel more comfortable opening up and contributing to the conversation. Once empowered, they may even continue the discussion by scheduling one-on-one calls with a Health Coach or signing up for more classes with their peers.

One-on-one health coaching sessions are between an individual participant and a certified WebMD Health Coach. Depending on your organization’s program, the sessions can occur in person, over the phone, or through text or online messaging.

Group Coaching by WebMD is a live, video-based coaching program that encourages interaction, support and social motivation between a group of 10 to 20 participants. These sessions occur online with cameras on and are available to all WebMD ONE participants. So, someone from your organization may be in a class with people from other companies or health plans.

WebMD Health Coaches work closely with individuals to help them make positive life changes. Through personalized programs, our coaches guide, mentor, train, and educate—encouraging accountability and follow-through in those seeking to improve various aspects of their personal well-being.

These programs are designed to improve upon or increase the efficacy of the well-being programs with which they are integrated. By providing individualized support, especially through telephonic coaching, individuals can easily access their coaches through one-on-one phone calls and text messaging. This access fosters consistency and participation, better assisting individuals in reaching their health goals and in adopting positive behaviors.

Averaging ten and a half years of industry experience, every WebMD Health Coach has earned both undergraduate degrees and national certifications in their practicing fields. Many coaches hold additional advanced degrees, specialty certifications, and specialized training, allowing them to provide focused support in the following areas:

  • Stress
  • Weight management
  • Tobacco cessation

WebMD Health Coaches operate under clinical standards and protocols, drawing on their network of medical experts to provide additional support when needed. Combining education, experience, and motivational training, every WebMD Coach is a teacher, motivator, and well-being expert—engaging and inspiring individuals to improve their well-being.

A relationship with a WebMD Health Coach is similar to that of a professional mentor,  sports team coach, personal trainer, or even financial advisor. Each coach is an expert in the field of health and wellness, prepared to provide framework, motivation, and accountability for navigating the unique lifestyle challenges that participants face.

Coaches provide personalized assistance with:

  • Losing weight
  • Eating better
  • Quitting tobacco use
  • Reducing stress
  • Managing a chronic condition
  • Sleeping better

WebMD Health Coaches are accessible through several modalities, allowing participants to connect with their coaches in ways that best support their lifestyles. Participants can connect with their coach via live webinars, Coach Connect secure messaging, secure email, and telephone and online sessions. Individual and group Lifestyle Coaching sessions are also available in-person for organizations who use our Dedicated Well-Being Services.

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