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Wellness Challenges

Our wellness challenges promote a culture of well-being with a bit of healthy competition. Some challenges are individual-based to achieve personal goals, such as drinking more water or reducing stress. Others are team-based to help motivate people to reach bigger goals while working as a group, like The Invitational Team Steps Challenge.

Individuals can easily sync their wearables and other devices with WebMD ONE, providing effortless tracking and reporting of steps, sleeping habits, calories, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WebMD Health Service’s wellness challenges can be customized in a variety of ways, including number of participants, duration, rewards, and branding. Custom challenges are also available. If you’re a current client interested in a custom wellness challenge, please contact your account management team.

If you’re not a current client and would like to learn more about our custom challenge capabilities, we would love to hear from you.

WebMD offers an assortment of engaging wellness challenges. Each challenge focuses on a particular wellness topic to help educate, inspire and motivate individuals to improve their health in that area. Challenges range across multiple wellness areas, including movement, nutrition, mental health, financial health and environmental health.

These challenges can be implemented at an individual level with competitions like hydration or sleep challenges. They can also be used by teams or groups, with competitions like activity-based challenges. In both of these challenge varieties, participant devices can be integrated to sync their activity data to the challenge.

Throughout every challenge, participants are provided with curated content from WebMD or its challenge partners. This content educates participants on the health benefits associated with their activities and bolsters motivation for continued involvement.

We can also create custom wellness challenges to support an organization’s wellness goals and initiatives. Our Account Management Teams will work directly with clients to design these custom challenges.

When properly executed, wellness challenges can improve well-being program participation and its impact at both the individual and organizational levels. These challenges give participants the structure and support they need to make positive changes over time, incentivizing long-term behavioral shifts through fun and engaging activities.

In addition to having positive effects on individuals, wellness challenges create strong connections between employees and their place of work. Each challenge provides a fun, engaging way for people to come together, fostering a culture of community and relationships built on shared-experiences.

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Daily Habits Plans help encourage long-term behavior change by breaking down a participant’s goals into shorter, actionable steps.

Rewards and Incentives

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Our smart incentive design helps ensure that populations are motivated and fully engaged throughout their well-being journey.

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