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How to Plan and Launch Successful Wellness Challenges for Your Organization

Wellness challenges encourage people to take steps toward better and ongoing well-being, either on their own or as part of a team. By focusing on a specific area of well-being—such as physical activity or stress reduction—employee wellness challenges provide a structured, supportive way for people to learn healthy habits that contribute to their well-being. And, all this can even boost employee morale, productivity, and overall workplace culture.

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This e-book guides you through steps to consider while developing wellness challenge ideas. It also explains how to successfully implement challenges in the workplace to keep people engaged with your program while promoting positive well-being.

This e-book will explain:

The ways that wellness challenges benefit both employees and the business.

How to plan a wellness challenge.

Tips for launching a wellness challenge.

Wellness challenge ideas for your organization, including fitness, personal health and community-based themes.

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