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8 Benefits of Branding Your Well-Being Program

Think of a product or service you know, love and trust. Chances are it has a great brand behind it. The same holds true for a well-being program. Branding your program can increase awareness, engagement, and satisfaction, and help your organization achieve its well-being goals. Check out our 8 reasons why branding your well-being program is a smart move.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and master at product branding, once said, “It is a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be clear about what we want them to know about us.”

This sentiment is so true, and not just for companies like Apple. We are living in a world where information comes at us like a firehose, and we often don’t know which sources of information to trust—let alone how this information can benefit us.

So when employees receive information about a well-being program that comes in dribs and drabs, looks different every time, and doesn’t communicate the “what’s in it for me,” organizations don’t get the level of engagement they’d like and fall short of their well-being goals.

In our work with scores of companies, we have found that those who take the time to create a recognizable brand and identity for their well-being program can overcome these communication challenges and see better results.

Here are 8 benefits of branding your well-being program:

  1. Increased visibility. A recognizable brand grabs employees’ attention and leads to greater awareness of the well-being program and its offerings.
  2. Trust and credibility. A polished logo and tagline projects a level of professionalism that says to employees the organization takes well-being seriously and leads to greater trust in the program.
  3. A way to stand out. A unique identity will help your well-being program cut through the clutter of other organizational initiatives and make employees more likely to remember it.
  4. Source of connection and inspiration. Engaging with a well-being program can be daunting. A good brand with appealing visuals and messaging can evoke positive emotions and motivate people to get involved.
  5. Consistency. Having a brand allows you to maintain the same look and feel and consistency of message across all aspects of your well-being program—the well-being platform, wellness challenges and other events, communication materials, coaching and more.
  6. Source of pride. A well-being program brand can foster a sense of belonging and pride among employees, motivating them to talk about the program, encourage others to participate, and proudly sport branded swag (t-shirts, water bottles).
  7. A boost to organizational culture. A good well-being program brand can contribute positively to workplace culture. It shows an organization’s commitment to employees’ health and happiness, helping to foster a culture of care and support within the organization.
  8. Longevity. HR leaders, well-being managers and wellness champions will come and go. But once you develop a strong well-being brand, it’s there to stay. A recognizable brand can weather changes in leadership or organizational structure, ensuring that the program remains a priority and continues to receive support over time.

Would you like to elevate your organization’s well-being program communications with a great brand? Our award-winning team of designers, writers and communication strategists can create a unique and impactful well-being program brand that embodies your organization’s commitment to well-being and spurs employee engagement. Contact us at connect@webmd.net to get started.

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