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WebMD Health Services Wins
7 Spring 2021 Digital Health Awards

Earlier this month, the Digital Health Awards® announced the winners of their Spring 2021 competition. We’re incredibly excited to share that WebMD Health Services was selected as an award recipient for several categories! Below, we share the awards we received.

What are the Digital Health Awards?

Each spring and fall, the Digital Health Awards holds a competition to recognize high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals. A panel of health technology professionals judges entries based on content, format, overall quality, and success in terms of reaching the targeted audience. Gold, silver, bronze, and merit certificates are awarded to the top winners in each category.

Here are the products and content we shared, as well as the awards we received:

Whitepaper: The Impact of COVID-19: What Employers Need to Know

Entry Classification: Digital Health Media / Publications

Category: Whitepaper

We won a gold award for this whitepaper! The purpose of this study was really to understand how the pandemic influenced employees’ daily lives, what they’re going through, what they think about the organization they work for, and what support they expected to receive from them after everything had changed.

Needless to say, we sure learned a lot of insights that can help employers better support their workforces. For example, nearly 8 in 10 (77%) of respondents had experienced negative effects of the pandemic on their health and well-being, including an increase in stress, isolation, irritability, and more. And we learned that employees need more support than employers might think moving forward, including in areas like caregiver support and social connectedness. Access the full whitepaper here for more insights.

Whitepaper: Well-Being Disconnect: Employees Want More From Employers

Entry Classification: Digital Health Media / Publications

Category: Whitepaper

We won a silver award for our whitepaper, Well-Being Disconnect: Employees Want More From Employers. This whitepaper enabled us to understand which well-being programs employees really did want from their employers. Some answers didn’t necessarily surprise us—like the majority wanting mental health support—but other data indicated an interesting shift in employee expectations of employer benefits. Expectations for well-being benefits like LGBTQ resources, caregiver support, relationship and sexual health, fertility and family planning, and much more are on the rise. Check out the well-being disconnect whitepaper here for more insights.

Whitepaper: Expectations Are Changing: What Millennials and Gen Z Expect From Their Employers

Entry Classification: Digital Health Media / Publications

Category: Whitepaper

We won a bronze award for our whitepaper, Expectations Are Changing: What Millennials and Gen Z Expect From Their Employers. In this research, we wanted to learn what motivates younger generations in the workforce, and what kinds of benefits they expect from their employers. The results? Well, they expect more than older generations—and when put to the test, they actually use company-provided programs more than any other generation as well. For more insights on this topic, check out the full whitepaper here.

HR Scoop Podcast

Entry Classification: Digital Health Media / Publications

Category: Audio Series

We won a silver award for the podcast we released last year, HR Scoop. Hosted by our very own Head of People, Andrea Herron, the HR Scoop explores the evolving world of unique employee benefits and the challenges of managing unique employee populations. In each episode, Andrea chats with HR leaders from other organizations to hear how they’ve handled things like quickly pivoting benefits after the pandemic, how they support their people, and the sometimes unconventional benefits they have that their employees love. We’re proud that people are finding value in this podcast, and can’t wait for season 2 to drop soon! Listen to our current episodes here.

Daily Habits – Portal

Entry Classification: Web-Based Digital Health

Category: Portal—Chronic Disease

Our Daily Habits portal won a gold award under the chronic disease category. An important element of our WebMD ONE platform, Daily Habits is our behavior change program that provides participants with a way to create healthier habits in methods that are most meaningful to them. For example, instead of asking individuals to complete a specific form of exercise, Daily Habits asks them to complete an exercise that’s most appropriate for their current interests and skill level. Every day, participants receive small, actionable steps to improve their well-being—in this case, it improves their health regarding a chronic disease they may have, such as diabetes or hypertension. Over time, the small steps they learn will alter their habits and result in healthier, happier lifestyles. Read more about Daily Habits here.

Daily Habits Interactive Content – Back Health

Entry Classification: Web-Based Digital Health

Category: Interactive Content / Rich Media

We won a bronze award for Back Health, one of our Daily Habits Plans. Achieving and maintaining good back health is as important as other elements of well-being. With our Back Health Plan, participants become more aware of their habits and activities that impact how their backs feel, as well as encourage activities to help people achieve better musculoskeletal health. People are asked to complete one-time, daily and weekly activities for two months to help them learn behaviors that improve their backs. Many of these activities include additional information, clinically-backed resources, and videos to provide even more education around the topic. By the end of the Plan, participants should have created daily habits that will positively impact their back health.

Daily Habits Interactive Content – Stay Connected

Entry Classification: Web-Based Digital Health

Category: Interactive Content / Rich Media

We also won a bronze award for another Daily Habits Plan, Stay Connected. This Plan was designed to improve interactions and reduce the negative health impacts that coincide with social isolation. Participants start this Plan by answering a set of intake questions that gauge how they feel today and in prior weeks. Then, the Plan will use these responses to personalize the activities they’ll need to complete, as well as generate interest that’ll keep them engaged as they take small steps toward achieving their overarching goal. By the end of this Plan, participants should feel better connected to their support systems and have reduced feelings of isolation. And just like our other Daily Habits Plans, Stay Connected includes additional information and insights, clinically-backed resources and other interactive content to help participants learn about the behaviors they’re trying to quit, and the daily habits they’re hoping to create.

We are so excited to win awards for the hard work we’re doing to improve people’s well-being. We want to thank the Digital Health Awards for recognizing these achievements and the impact we’re making. For more information about our well-being solutions and services, visit our website or contact us at connect@webmd.net.

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