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WebMD Onsite Services Boosts Global Investment Firm’s Well-Being Program

Onsite services strengthen your well-being program and empower your populations with the ability to improve their well-being on their watch. Whether it’s an onsite fitness center, health coaches or a clinic—each can help make well-being more open and accessible to every individual within your organization.

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly important to offer more convenient well-being services. People across the country are dealing with the struggle to excel at work, be a present parent, maintain an active social life and find time for well-being. And without a gym, nutritious food options and other well-being services easily available—a person’s health is usually first to slip when life becomes hectic.

To help your employees and members maintain their well-being no matter how busy their schedule becomes, consider offering onsite services. By providing unmatched convenience, they can help people find a routine that works for their lifestyle and drives participation in your well-being program.

An investment that pays off.

Offering onsite services can help drive the bottom line for your business. Not only do they make accessing your well-being program as simple as possible—but they can also help drive employee and member satisfaction, boost productivity, attract the best talent and much more.

An onsite services success story.

At WebMD Health Services, we work closely with our clients to create a well-being program that can be personalized for their specific needs. Recently, we helped tailor a unique program that included onsite services for a global investment firm.

Onsite Services - Office Gym

Zach, an onsite WebMD Health Coach at the firm, thought the company could greatly benefit from offering onsite services and suggested a plan to make it happen. He recommended an onsite gym that would make it simple for employees to exercise during the workday and a garden that would provide an oasis where employees could relax and reduce stress, without having to leave their office. To make the project a reality, he created a carefully thought out business proposal—he found space, researched pricing and helped determine the company’s liabilities.

After a careful review, the firm accepted the plan and construction began. The gym opened to employees on November 19, 2018, and by December 10, they have had 378 visits and counting! In order to make sure that the firm continues to get the most out of their new onsite services, Zach holds orientations to introduce new employees to the gym. He also provides reporting so the company knows how often the gym is being used and he holds active health coaching sessions where employees walk as he helps them develop a custom plan to reach their personal health goals.

Offer better well-being, on-site.

Often, consumers are not aware of well-being services that are available to them. When they do use a service, consumers expect it to be easy to access—and a range of options would be nice, too. From our perspective, the more we can emphasize the people behind a service, the better off our business will be. When WebMD Health Services Health Coaches, Wellness Champions, Wellness Coordinators and others work with our clients (and especially when they work on-site), the stronger the relationship becomes, and the more impact we can have on a client’s culture of well-being. Whatever service an individual chooses to use, those interactions are represented in the well-being program tool and integrated into the overall experience. Services support a more sophisticated form of personalization, as well.

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