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Dedicated Well-Being Services

Our Dedicated Well-Being Services team integrates within an organization to act as a local resource for their well-being programs. The goal? To increase awareness of benefits, drive program engagement, and even coordinate wellness initiatives like biometric screenings and wellness challenges.

Available in either onsite or remote positions, our team includes one-on-one health coaching, well-being program development and management, and hybrid roles to help build a culture of well-being within your organization and drive behavior change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated Well-Being Services become a part of an organization, either onsite or remotely. This integration helps increase the client’s population’s awareness of benefits, drives program engagement, and assists in the coordination of all wellness services offered by the organization.

Dedicated Well-Being Services assist in the coordination, communication, and engagement in wellness initiatives like:

● Biometric Screenings
● Health Assessments
● Wellness Challenges
● Educational and Promotional Events and Activities
● Lunch & Learns
● Well-Being Champion Networks
● Health Fairs

Every organization has unique wellness goals, programs, and initiatives. Our Dedicated Well-Being Services support clients by integrating within their workforce and becoming a local resource for their populations. The following positions are available to help organizations achieve their well-being goals:

● Well-Being Health Coach
Facilitating one-on-one guidance, mentoring, training, education, and accountability, Well-Being Health Coaches are available via onsite and remote modalities. Coaches incorporate face-to-face discussions, phone calls, activity-based meetings, and app-based or video sessions.

● Well-Being Program Manager
Supporting programs for national or global populations, Well-Being Program Managers help plan and execute all aspects of an organization’s well-being program, boosting both engagement and results for its participants.

● Well-Being Program Coordinator
Offering both coaching and well-being program management, Well-Being Program Coordinators help drive behavior change at the individual level, while also developing a culture of well-being within the workplace environment.

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