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Biometric Health Screenings

Our health screening services support the success of well-being programs in several different ways:

Health screenings:
By learning details such as blood pressure, body mass index, blood sugars, and cholesterol, people are better informed about their health and can take any necessary steps to help prevent chronic conditions from developing.

Flu vaccines: We can manage all logistics for providing safe flu vaccinations onsite or via drive-thru events. For those who may be working remotely or prefer to get vaccinated on their own time, we also offer flu vaccine vouchers that can be redeemed at a local pharmacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Onsite Biometric Health Screenings are beneficial for both employers and employees. Benefits for employers include:

  • WebMD Health Services management and coordination for all aspects of your organization’s biometric screenings.
  • Convenient onsite screening that increases the likelihood of member participation.
  • Reporting and analytics that provide insights into the top health risks facing your population. This data can be used to inform the events and rewards within your program.
  • Personalized results that are automatically loaded into a health assessment and shared with participants’ coaches, ensuring a streamlined process for the individuals navigating your program.

Benefits for employees include:

  • Autonomy to choose the most suitable screening location for their needs.
  • A quick, 15-minute screening and review of the results with a professional right at the workplace, rather than having to schedule an appointment outside of the workday.
  • A WebMD-backed, healthcare professional-provided service that ensures confidentiality and security for all participating members.
  • Time-saving automation. Results can be automatically populated into their ONE Assessment, making it easier to move through their assessment and get a clear picture of their overall health status. Participants can also be automatically rewarded for completing a biometric screening if their organization has enabled rewards for this action.

Onsite screenings are the most popular format for these events, as they encourage larger participation. However, we do offer alternative screenings for those who prefer to complete them on their own time. Alternative options include:

  • The use of authorized labs or pharmacies for individual screenings.
  • At-home kits delivered to those who prefer to conduct their screenings in the privacy of their own home.
  • Faxed records from recently conducted tests by physicians or other healthcare providers.

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