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Professional Communications Services

The best well-being programs can’t succeed if populations don’t know they exist. That’s why our full-service marketing team offers everything from ready-to-go materials to custom communications that help get the word out about an organization’s well-being offerings.

Pre-designed collateral can be customized by adding logos or filling in editable spaces. Or, for more unique materials, our full-service team of writers, designers, and digital strategists can develop an array of custom communications that drive engagement and results.

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Your well-being program can only produce results if people know about it, making effective communication essential for your program’s success. Our full-service communications team supports your efforts, without putting additional strain on your marketing or human resource departments. You’ll partner with a dedicated Communications Strategist and a team of creative specialists, ensuring the accurate representation of your brand and goals. Together, you’ll build and execute a communications plan that fosters engagement within your program.

WebMD’s Creative Shop gives you 24/7 on-demand access to a suite of ready-to-use materials and communication tools, aiding your program awareness campaigns. Creative Shop materials can be customized with your logo and URL and can be used to promote all aspects of your program.

Effective communication is essential for the engagement with and success of your program. Communication plans are most impactful when they are:

Communications are often limited by poor planning or sporadic follow-through. All strong communication plans are comprehensively built and derived from strategy and preparation. Effective plans span the entire year of the program and include all program activities and their associated communications. These plans align with organizational goals and culture and are supported by all participating members, including the leadership team.

Building communications plans that reflect the different needs and perspectives of the individuals within your populations will improve your communications’ impact. Catering your messaging may be especially important for groups that are one step removed from your organization, like retirees or the spouses of your populations.

Driving engagement should be the primary focus of all communications. Materials with clear messaging and calls to action help participants connect with their goals and the goals of the organization and encourage the continued support of your efforts.

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