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How to Ensure Your Well-Being Program Is Inclusive

Our newest e-book, How to Ensure Your Well-Being Program Is Inclusive is available now! In it, you’ll learn why inclusivity is critical for a well-being program, how to spot places where your program isn’t as inclusive as it could be, and ways to create more inclusive programming that offers something for everyone.

Despite efforts by employers to spread diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) awareness and understanding, many in the workplace feel employers are missing the mark.

Research conducted by WebMD Health Services in 2022 found:

  • Over 60% of employees do not believe their company is doing what it needs to do to be truly committed to creating an inclusive workplace;
  • Nearly 66% said they would benefit if their company were truly committed to DEI&B policies; and
  • Almost 46% have personally experienced situations inconsistent with DEI&B.

So it’s clear that there is much work to do to achieve DEI&B goals. A well-being program is one way to help employees feel more valued and included in the workplace. Our DEI&B e-book can help you take a critical look at your well-being program to make sure it’s as inclusive as it could be.

What you’ll learn in the e-book.

  • How well your current well-being program stacks up when it comes to inclusion. Take our quiz to get an honest assessment.
  • Why it’s so important for well-being programs to be inclusive. Talent attraction and retention is a big one. Download the e-book to learn more.
  • The four steps to take to ensure a more inclusive well-being program. Learn how to analyze your program through all the dimensions of well-being, gather employee input, evaluate your communication approach and leverage support networks.
  • How to plan an inclusive wellness challenge. Get tips for creating your next inclusive wellness challenge to make sure that it has something for everyone in the organization.

Today’s employees increasingly prefer to work for organizations that value diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. They’re also asking employers to become more involved in caring for their total well-being. Which means that well-being programs need to be intentional about offering solutions and activities that are accessible by all types of individuals in the organization.

Ready to create your inclusive well-being program? Download our DEI&B e-book or contact us at connect@webmd.net.

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