A Person-First
Well-Being Experience

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We created WebMD ONE to put people first by delivering unique experiences based on individual priorities and preferences. Each person has the power to choose what’s important and engage in ways most meaningful to them—at work, at home and everywhere in between.

See the difference a truly personal experience can have on your well-being program and the people you care about.

Better Experience. Better Results.


The WebMD ONE experience provides relevant information to guide people toward their goals, while generating data-driven insights about your population.


WebMD ONE was created to put people first by delivering an experience that is unique to each individual based on his or her specific needs.


Built on the proven technology platform from WebMD Health Services. Designed to make our comprehensive set of well-being products and services work better together.


ONE Unified Experience

We built the WebMD ONE experience to better integrate all the information that individuals share—from using our products as well as from the apps, wearables, devices and third-party partners that they already use. Now, the same WebMD Health Services tools work better together to provide personalized recommendations and information that is relevant to each person, at every stage of life.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Recognizes each individual’s interests and health conditions while gathering personal information.

As people choose what matters to them and what they would like to do, WebMD ONE begins to build them a unique experience.

Things I’m Working On

Motivates individuals to stay on track with goals big and small.

Recommended Action Plan

Based on data collected from the Health Assessment, screening results, claims data and device and app integrations.

Pulse Surveys

Collect insights from individuals about their needs, habits and overall satisfaction.

To ensure each person’s needs are met, WebMD ONE routinely checks in, asks for an opinion and sends timely reminders.

Relevant Content

Millions of people trust WebMD.com for complete, accurate and validated information about health and well-being.

We curate content from our extensive library and serve it directly to individuals, saving them time and giving them a helpful hand as they work toward their goals.

WebMD ONE Product Video

The more you use it, the better the WebMD ONE
experience becomes

Behind the scenes, the recommendation engine improves each individual’s experience by providing the right guidance and information at just the right time. The more an individual interacts with WebMD ONE, the more relevant the experience.

Every interaction occurs within a given context, intelligently blending demographic data, user behavior and device or other imported data to create “Aha moments”— the unexpected pleasure of discovering a helpful tip, note of encouragement or other useful information you didn’t know you needed but are glad to receive.