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Breaking Up With That Old Exercise Routine

Welcome to Coaches’ Corner;  our blog series dedicated to bringing you actionable health and fitness tips directly from our WebMD coaches. With extensive education, certifications and training in everything from mental health to exercise kinesiology and more, our coaches are devoted to sharing valuable advice on a wide-range of well-being topics. 

By Danielle Lundgaard, Health Coach

Have you ever been committed to something for a long time and suddenly you don’t feel that same passion you did when you first started? That can certainly ring true when it comes to your exercise routine.

Whether you go to the swanky boutique gym or your “Average Joe” place, everyone could stand a change. It’s actually recommended to change something about your exercise routine every four to six weeks. This avoids adaptation and allows you to see great results. But what happens when just changing the frequency, intensity or time or your workouts doesn’t work?

Sometimes a complete overhaul can be great way to rejuvenate that spark you felt when you finally figured out a routine that worked. Here are some ideas to help you fall in love with exercise all over again:

Check out local deals with some workout classes.

A lot of gyms have deals available to try a week or even a month for a discounted rate so you don’t feel like you have to shell out a bunch of money if you don’t like it. Community centers and gyms will even host events at other locations to make it more fun and inviting – sometimes even for free!

Phone a friend.

When was the last time you did something with your best friend that was active? Join them for something they excel at and vice versa. Being able to exchange talents can help build that excitement for change.

Think outside the gym.

Who says you have to be at a gym to workout? Lots of parks have trails and equipment for bodyweight exercises. If you have a dog, I am sure they wouldn’t mind accompanying you for the time outside.

You can always go back.

Change doesn’t have to be permanent. You can put your current program on hold, even freeze memberships and come back at a later time. And maybe, upon your return, what was old just might feel new again.

Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy doing it. Exercise is meant to be a part of a healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix. Take the time to try new things and see how it brings you to life.

Danielle’s Education & Certifications
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
ACE Certified Health Coach
ACE Personal Trainer
ACSM – Physical Activity and Public Health Specialist


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