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ONE Partners

ONE Partners—our curated selection of preferred partners—helps make additions and alterations to your program easy. It takes the guesswork out of researching potential solutions, ensuring they integrate with your platform, and match strict security guidelines. We’ve already done the legwork of vetting our preferred partners to ensure they meet our high standards in areas like clinical expertise, security regulations, and engagement metrics.

These offerings are available within WebMD ONE, and in many cases, deeply integrated into core solutions—such as health coaching, Daily Habits, Rewards Engine, and more—allowing it to act as ONE true platform for everything your population needs to empower their well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WebMD Health Services’ ONE Partners support many areas of our corporate well-being solutions, including:

• Biometric and Flu Screenings
• Mental and Emotional Health
• Stress and Resilience
• Financial Wellness
• Diabetes and Prevention Management
• Wellness Challenges
• Text-Based Digital Coaching
• Incentive Fulfillment
• Nurse Line
• Activity Trackers
• Health Data Aggregation
• Nicotine Replacement Therapy
• MSK (Musculoskeletal) and Pain Management
• Engagement and Activation Programs
• Virtual Fitness and Nutrition
• Women’s Health
• Caregiving
• Discount Fitness Centers

WebMD Health Services is compatible with over 250 activity trackers, medical devices, and mobile apps, making it easy for participants to integrate the data from their favorite devices and apps into your well-being program. This integration supports ongoing engagement with your programs by facilitating easy goal tracking and reporting.

We’ve also integrated with over 100 different vendors to support our clients’ unique well-being program strategies. These include integrating with reward fulfillment partners as well as other benefits programs, resources, vendors and partners clients have that support their business strategy. By housing everything in one convenient place, people can easily find and access all the well-being support they need.

We’ve implemented several data integrations to support WebMD ONE and its functions. Right now, we have over 240 active data integrations to support wellness activities, tracking, reporting, rewarding, and more. These include integrations with:

  • Medical claims
  • Pharmaceutical claims
  • Rewards fulfillment
  • Activity tracking

WebMD ONE can support as many vendor integrations as a client needs. The WebMD ONE platform is built to scale, allowing clients to continue adding as many integrations they need to support their populations.

Learn More About Our Solutions

Daily Habits

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Daily Habits Plans help encourage long-term behavior change by breaking down a participant’s goals into shorter, actionable steps.

Rewards and Incentives

Rewards and Incentives >

Our smart incentive design helps ensure that populations are motivated and fully engaged throughout their well-being journey.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness >

Our financial wellness solution educates consumers on the basics of finances to help reduce money-related stress and enable greater overall well-being.

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