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Well-Being Program Evaluations

The best well-being programs evolve and mature over time. To help our clients keep their programs fresh and engaging, we conduct well-being program evaluations annually. We check where the program is currently, what the client’s goals for the program are, and report on health risk changes and trends for their population.

After gathering data, we analyze the ways their population uses the program to determine new opportunities and areas of improvement. Then, we’ll use our nine fundamentals for well-being as a foundation to make strategic recommendations that will help evolve the client’s program within the following year.

Not a client yet? We’re happy to evaluate your existing well-being program and make recommendations on areas to improve. Contact our client success team to get your evaluation started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well-being program evaluations help provide a clear snapshot of how the program is currently performing. We’ll measure the client’s data based on their goals, needs and culture. We’ll also analyze the program compared to our nine fundamentals, including incentive design, employee engagement, ROI/VOI, and more.

The evaluation also details just how many people within a population are improving their health over time. For example, previous evaluations have shown that a client’s participants reported improvements in exercise and nutrition (50%+), managing asthma (62%), and managing diabetes (57%).

Yes, if you haven’t worked with us before. No, if you’re a current client. We evaluate all our clients’ programs on an annual basis and refine their programs continuously.

It’s free! Even if you’re not a client of ours, we’d be happy to evaluate your current well-being program. Fill out a form and our client success team will reach out.

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